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Discover a world of deliciousness with Charlesworth Nuts' collection of over 150 unique treats. With options ranging from cooked and raw nuts, chocolates, sweet to delightful fruit products. There's a creation to suit everyone and every occasion.
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Charleys Choice (500g)
Salted Mix (500g)
Peanut Clusters (400g)
Chocolate Apricots (500g)
Salted Cashews (500g)
3 Of The Best Salted (500g)
Sugared Peanuts (500g)
Choco Lolly Chocs (500g)
Glazed Peanuts (500g)
Smoked Mix (500g)
Beer Nuts (500g)
Salted Macadamias (500g)
$32.00 $25.60
Dry Roasted Cashews (500g)
Chocolate Bullets (500g)
Rice Crackers (250g)