Cooked Nuts

Charlesworth nuts are freshly cooked everyday! Shop the freshest and extra crunchy cooked nuts in Australia and satisfy yourself and love ones!
Cooked Nuts
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Salted Mix (500g)
Salted Cashews (500g)
Smoked Mix (500g)
Sugared Peanuts (500g)
3 Of The Best Salted (500g)
Beer Nuts (500g)
Rice Crackers (250g)
Glazed Peanuts (500g)
Salted Macadamias (500g)
Glazed Almonds (500g)
Spicy Peanuts (500g)
Nibble Mix (350g)
Salted Peanuts (500g)
Dry Roasted Cashews (500g)
$20.00 $16.00
Billionaires Mix (500g)