Dry Roasted Cashews 500g


The highest quality cashew nuts, roasted to perfection over a gas flame without oil or salt!

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Dry Roasted Cashews have some fantastic health benefits when eaten regularly alongside a balanced diet…

Quick Facts:

–  Just 30g (15 cashews) meets 18% of the recommended daily intake of iron for men and 8% intake for women.

–  They're also a rich source of zinc. Your body uses zinc in many ways, but it is vital for healthy skin & hair, as well as reproduction and the immune system function.

–  Cashews are a seed that grows on the outside of the Cashew Apple; the cashew shell contains a natural chemical acid – that's why you never see cashews sold in the shell!

–  Cashews are rich in monosaturated fat, i.e. ‘good' fat.

– They can help reduce the risk of heart disease, assist in weight management, and are a great source of magnesium which is essential for bone health.

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Serving Size 100g
Average Quantity Per Serving
Energy 2490kJ (594Cal)
Protein 17.3g
Total Fat 50.2g
Saturated Fat 8.6g
Carbohydrate – Total 17.1g
Sugars 5.6g
Dietary Fibre 6.0g
Sodium 11mg

Ingredients: Cashews

Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts

Gluten Free Ingredients

Product of Vietnam …cooked by Charlesworth Nuts

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.


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