Sugar Coated Peanuts Recipe

Sugar Coated Peanuts Recipe

Charlesworth's Sugared Peanut

Enjoy the classic and sweet Charlesworth treat of sugared peanuts made with love and tradition!


Charlworth Nuts' Raw Peanuts
Granulated sugar
Red food colouring


Gas stove
Frying pan


1. Roast the Peanuts: Add the Charlesworth Nuts Raw Peanuts to the frying pan and begin roasting them over the gas flame. Stir continuously to ensure even roasting. Roast until the peanuts develop a golden brown color and release a rich, nutty aroma.

2. Prepare the Sugar Coating: In a separate bowl, mix granulated sugar with a small amount of water to create a sugar syrup. Add red food colouring; stir until combined. Use enough water to dissolve the sugar and create a thick, syrupy consistency.

3. Coat the Peanuts: Once the peanuts are roasted, carefully pour the sugar syrup over them in the frying pan. Continue stirring the peanuts in the syrup over the gas flame. The sugar syrup will start to caramelise and coat the peanuts.

4. Caramelisation: Allow the sugar to caramelise, forming a glossy and crunchy coating on the peanuts. Keep a close eye to prevent burning.

5. Cooling and Separating: Once the sugared peanuts have a beautiful caramel coating, remove the frying pan from the heat. Spread the sugared peanuts on a parchment paper-lined surface to cool. Ensure they are spread out to prevent sticking.

6. Break Apart and Serve: Once the sugared peanuts have cooled and the caramel has hardened, break them apart into individual pieces. Store the sugared peanuts in an airtight container to maintain freshness.

Sugared Peanuts

Made the old fashioned way in copper pots over a gas flame. These sugar coated peanuts have been a longstanding Charlesworth classic for decades. A classic and sweet Charlesworth treat!

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