Imagine, if you will… It’s the 1950’s and as you enter the Adelaide Central Market you are greeted by the seductive aroma of hot roasting nuts. Without question, you are drawn in and find yourself standing before the Charlesworth Nuts stall while peanuts rumble inside the belly of the roaster. You don’t even notice the chill of the winter morning anymore because your taste-buds are singing in anticipation of the freshly cooked nuts that will soon be coming your way. You turn to Chappy Charlesworth and give him a nod of thanks knowing that because of his vision, freshly cooked nuts will now be your weekly pleasure…

It was Chappy (as he was affectionately known), 2nd generation owner of Charlesworth Nuts that originally commissioned a local engineer at the Holden factory to construct our first nut roaster. This consisted of a revolving drum to contain the nuts while they were slowly roasted over a gas flame. When our Marion store opened in 1974, a dry roaster was installed and once again the smell of freshly cooked nuts teased all the nearby noses. Chappy’s concept of cooking nuts fresh on site was so unique at that time, in fact we were the first in Australia to do so.

Over the years, a great deal of time has been given to perfecting our cooking processes and here at the Charlesworth Factory today we still create dry roasted nuts using traditional equipment and highly-skilled team members. Some say it may be more labour intensive than using modern machinery and it definitely requires a discerning eye to cook the nuts to dry-roasted perfection, but we know its worth it. It’s the Charlesworth difference!

We know you’ll taste the difference… why not try our Dry Roasted Deluxe mix this week (or one of our other dry roasted classics) and experience what you have been missing!

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