Start some HEALTHY HABITS with Charlesworth Nuts & Fruits… the Best & Freshest

The Charlesworth Nuts Healthy Habits range contains over 50 nuts and fruits all listed below to make it easy for you.  These products have been independently identified as having some amazing health benefits when eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet. You’ll also find RECIPES and tons of information on NUTS & HEALTH… to help you discover the right way to start some Healthy Habits.


If you want the most nutrition out of your nuts & fruits, you need to stick with the freshest available. When nuts are mass produced and left sitting on a store shelf, not only do they lose their great taste, but their healthy nutrients and vitamins begin to deteriorate. Freshness is the Charlesworth difference. All of our products are packed and sent fresh directly from our Adelaide factory.

The Healthy Habits Range
Rated 5.00 out of 5
$3 BAG