Go Nuts For National Nut Day

Go Nuts For National Nut Day!

National Nut Day is here, and have we got some great information for you!


Believe it or not, a handful of nuts every day (alongside a balanced diet) are essential for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Nuts are packed with plant-based protein and fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When wanting a snack, choose a mix bag of nuts (try these)! Studies have shown they contribute to heart health, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, assisting with weight management and reducing the risk of certain cancers.


Contrary to popular belief, regular nut consumption is actually not linked to weight gain. Nuts are an essential part of a healthy diet!

Nuts Are Not Associated With Weight Gain

Reduce weight gain with a handful of nuts

Research studies show that nut are not linked to weight gain. In fact, eating a handful of nuts (around 30g a day) can help you to maintain a healthy weight. Nuts contain healthy fats, fibre and even protein, which helps to satisfy hunger and control your appetite. And for those who love to regularly exercise and workout, nuts can boost your resting metabolic rate by 5-10%, meaning you will naturally burn more calories!


Why Are Nuts So Important?

Why are nuts so important?

Eating a handful of nuts every day has so many health benefits. Studies have found that people who ate around 30g of nuts a day had a 22% reduced risk of dying early, compared with people who did not eat nuts. 


Nuts are a nutrient-dense food, with at least 28 different nutrients – including essential vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, protein, fibre and phytochemicals. All nuts are gluten free*, naturally low in sodium and contain no added sugars (make sure you always check the ingredients).


*While some of our products and gifts do not contain gluten as an ingredient, all our products are produced, processed and stored in a factory that produces products containing gluten. Therefore we cannot guarantee that traces of gluten will not be present in any of our products. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


What Does A 30g Serve Of Nuts Look Like?

What a 30g serve of nuts looks like

We all should be eating a healthy handful (30g) of nuts every day for good health. 


All information above taken for 'Nuts For Life' - click here to read more.

Snack on a healthy handful of Charlesworth Nuts today. They have so many health benefits and are incredibly tasty, so grab some this National Nut Day!




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