Glazing: The Charlesworth Way

Here at Charlesworth Nuts, we have been glazing nuts in our Marion Factory since 1981. This is us in the 80s! Our Adelaide Central Market Stall (where it all started ) was a gorgeous sight to behold back then... Charlesworth Nuts Central Market 1980s
Charlesworth Nuts Central Market 1980s

We certainly didn't have as many products available as we do today, but Glazed nuts were our newest handcrafted treat.

Beginnings were humble, with a friend of the Charlesworth family offering the knowledge of how to create perfect glazed nuts to then upcoming owners, Brett & Mark Charlesworth. Naturally, the boys welcomed this idea with open arms, and they were the first to learn this unique art. From then, the brothers handed this information down the line, from generation to generation of glazing teams. Today, we have 6-8 permanent team members in the glazing department (even more at Christmas!), and they produce more than 50,000 kilos of Glazed products each year, yes, that's 50 tonnes!

How do we glaze?

First, we stir.

Without giving away the trade secrets; it all starts with just three ingredients: nuts, sugar & water. They are placed in a copper pot on a gas flame, and slowly, with the help of a glazer, the ingredients are turned with a wooden spoon, over and over....and over... The process is long and very slow, with each 5kg pot taking approximately 30 minutes to produce. Machines can be used to achieve a similar product, but the result is nowhere near the level of quality and taste that is achieved with our unique handcrafted method.

It's all the in the spoon...

One truly unique 'Charlesworth' feature of this process is the tools used in the stirring process. Our Glazers all use their own custom-made wooden spoon, made to the perfect ergonomic length. This is to ensure the physically demanding process of stirring (20 minutes!) is as smooth as possible. As you can see, they are protective over their tools!

Cooling down...

Once the nuts are fully coated with the perfect sticky, toffee coating, they're quickly transferred to a marble table to cool down. The nuts are roasted in this glazing process, giving them an amazing maple syrup-flavour (ish?) — look it's hard to describe, you just need to try them.

Breaking up...

Once they're on the marble table, we use special trowels to spread them out into a flat layer.

From there, our team get their heat proof gloves on and break them up by hand, ensuring no large chunks are present. Here's some Glazed Peanuts...

That's it!

Once they're cooled off, they're put straight into airtight storage to keep their crunchy, crispy freshness. Then they're distributed to our 11 retail stores, packed into our fantastic range of gifts, and ordered online by hundreds of people around Australia every month!  We think everyone deserves the opportunity to taste these deliciously sweet creations, and we invite everyone to visit one of our stores for a free taste today!

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