To give your donation request the best chance of success, please read through the following before submitting an application:

Here at Charlesworth Nuts, we pride ourselves on the fact that we support as many charitable groups as we possibly can…up to 500 different groups a year.

Due to the nature of our business, as you can imagine, we receive literally thousands of requests and as such have to consider requests against criteria in line with our values and objectives.

To avoid the disappointment of a possible negative response to your request, please be aware that we tend to concentrate on recognised charities and community groups (particularly those who are involved with the elderly, the needy, the disabled and with medical research, however, this is not exclusive).


Donation Request Process

Before submitting an application, please note that we require a minimum of 15 business days to process your request and send a reply, so please ensure you get in touch well before your event or fundraiser.

Please ensure your request letter comes complete with:

  • your organisational letterhead
  • a return postal address. Please note: all responses are provided via post (even if you send your request via email) so please ensure your return postal address is clearly stated in the request or we cannot get back to you).
  • your contact information
  • brief outline of your particular charity or group
  • objectives of your fundraiser and what you will use the donation for


Where to send your request:

Via email: [email protected]

Please note: We ask that you attach your letter as a Word or PDF document to the email (i.e. do not type your letter into the body text of the email, doing this may negatively affect your application). We do not send replies via email, so you need to include a return postal address even if you are emailing your application.

Via post: 

Attn: Dermott Taylor
29 – 31 Township Road
SA 5043

Application Checklist

Before submitting, check you have done all of the following:

☑ Your letter is on your organisation's original letterhead.

☑ Your contact name, phone number and return postal address is visible.

☑ Your letter is an attachment on your email (if emailing application).

Lastly, THANK YOU!

Thank you for thinking of Charlesworth Nuts for your fundraising activities.

We love supporting community groups and charities, and are appreciative of the hard work of the volunteers who
make our community better.

Good luck with your application!