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A special message from Brett Charlesworth, CEO:

Hi Everyone…
The world has indeed gone nuts (which is a little ironic for us), but it’s important to remember we will all get through it.
I just wanted to let you know on behalf of our extended Charlesworth Nuts Family that we are thinking of you and your families and hoping with all our hearts you’re okay.

We also want to reassure you that we do not anticipate any disruptions to the supply of our nuts, fruits, chocolates and of course our gifts. After 85 years in business, we have very strong and positive supplier relationships and supply lines. Right now, our Team at our Marion Factory is busy making our roasted, glazed and chocolate-coated products and our Gift Packing Team continue to make those beautifully presented parcels of pleasure that we’re so well-known for.
You may be interested to know that our raw and roasted nuts, as well as our dried fruits, are chock-a-block full of nutrients, they're quite filling even in small quantities, and have a long shelf-life. So all things considered, they are an ideal food for the current situation. But let's not forget our chocolate-coated products, and other sweet treats, which are guaranteed to put a contented smile on most faces, especially if you’re looking for a simple and uplifting little bit of luxury in your day.
Our Team commitment to food safety and hygiene has stood us in very good stead over the decades and like many other businesses we’ve ramped this up even further at this time. We are keeping ourselves regularly updated on all the information coming through from the health professionals and other authorities, and acting calmly, responsibly and decisively as required. Whilst we can reassure you of our attention to detail and cleanliness at our Factory and all our 11 Stores, we can also offer you delivery of our products to your home through our Online Store.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us through any of our social media platforms.
In closing, we’re all families in this together, so I just wanted to say from the Charlesworth family (all 13 of us) and the Charlesworth Nuts family (all 188 of us at the moment), that we wish you good health and good luck during the current challenges and we very much look forward to getting through these tough times together.
Take care,
Brett Charlesworth, CEO

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