Celebrate World Chocolate Day at City Cross

World Chocolate Day (AKA your excuse to treat yo' self) is quickly approaching on Sunday 7 July! Lucky for our Adelaide fans, we have partnered with City Cross and are giving away 500 bags of Chocolate Apricots in celebration of this wonderful day...

WHEN: Friday 5th July TIME: From 11 am WHERE: City Cross Shopping Centre WHAT: 500 bags of Chocolate Apricots - FREE!

World Chocolate Day is an important day here at Charlesworth Nuts; where we have been creating and making our own chocolates since 1983. Chocolate PansWe produce more than 250 tonnes of milk, dark and white chocolates in our Marion Factory each year! Today, we carry more than 40 different chocolate products in our permanent range. Around 10 local South Australian’s are employed year-round to keep up with the demanding production schedule. Our Chocolate Apricots have become a cult favourite over the decades, with customers returning in hoards to purchase the sweet ‘n’ soft apricot centres, encased generously in three layers of chocolate. We make about 30,000 kilos of chocolate apricots each year! Some other chocolatey favourites include our handmade chocolate clusters; bundles of various nuts, fruits and sweets, encased in smooth white, dark and milk chocolates. More than 32,000 kilos of clusters are spooned by hand by our chocolatiers every year; that’s about 1.25 million individual clusters! So do yourself a favour, and head into City Cross for your free 100g bag of Chocolate Apricots. If you can't make it, never fear, you can always ask our amazing teams in-store for a free taste all year round!

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