If hot weather is likely to be an issue at the time that you would like your order delivered, we recommend that you select a gift without chocolate.

You can see all of our Gifts Without Chocolate at this link.

We pride ourselves on the best possible service that anyone can provide, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the service of the independent carriers who transport your products and gifts from us to you. If you want to personally take the risk of sending chocolate products, then we will do all we can to make sure the product is prepared for delivery and we will send it to you as requested.

If you have placed an order to be delivered in the Adelaide Metro area we will arrange to personally deliver this order in one of our own refrigerated trucks. This service comes at no extra cost provided you have purchased delivery with your order.

All of the chocolate products that we sell are manufactured using Charlesworth's own chocolate recipe. This particular chocolate has a low melting point, which means our promise to provide the highest quality products to you may not be met when we are experiencing hot weather. We will do everything we possibly can at this end to make sure that our products make it to you undamaged and unspoiled.


What is our Hot Weather Policy?

We will do everything we possibly can to prevent an obvious chocolate meltdown, but please be aware that Charlesworth Nuts can take no responsibility for chocolates melting during the delivery of the products as this does not qualify as a defective product.


Returns and Exchanges

We trust that you will be completely satisfied with your order, however, we realise that problems do sometimes occur.

Please be aware that Charlesworth Nuts can take no responsibility for orders lost or damaged by the postal or courier service. If your products were damaged during the delivery process using the service of an independent carrier, please contact the relevant carrier to report the damage. If your products were damaged during the delivery process using a Charlesworth Nuts owned vehicle, please contact us and we will arrange to replace your product.


Do you have alternate product choices in place of chocolate products for your gift baskets?

Yes, please contact us if you are concerned about your delivery in times of hot weather, and we will help to find a solution. With over 250 different products we are sure you will be delighted with our non-chocolate range.


Do we offer a refrigerated delivery service?

All deliveries outside of Adelaide are sent via Australia Post and are not refrigerated. Deliveries in the Adelaide Metro/CBD area may be couriered by one of our own Charlesworth trucks, please make this known as your preference when ordering.


Are Charlesworth able to delay a chocolate delivery until the weather is cooler?

Yes, if we are experiencing hot weather and you still wish to order chocolate products from us we will contact you to discuss holding the delivery.

When you are finalising your order you can make a comment in the comments section of the checkout pages stating that you are happy for us to hold your order until the weather is cooler. This makes our decision on the time frame for delivery of the order easier, but regardless we will always try to keep in contact with you about the status of your delivery.

If we believe that your order is going to melt then we will contact you and make sure you are still happy to have the order sent.