Last Updated 12th August 2021Brett and Kain Charlesworth

Hi Folks…

Like the rest of South Australia our Charlesworth Nuts family is incredibly disappointed at the cancellation of the 2021 Royal Adelaide Show.

The Show was a shining light that we were all looking forward to, to brighten our days amidst some pretty gloomy times.

Like many SA companies, the cancellation will have a big impact on our business and on our Team (who love the Show), but as they say…. “The Show Must Go On”…in one way or another and Charlesworth Nuts are committed to doing just that as best as we possibly can.

So, for today, we just wanted to reassure you that the 6 Charlesworth Showbags that so many South Australians know and love, will definitely be made available to you still. You will get your fix! 😊

We are very quickly determining exactly how and when that will happen and will have some updated information for you in the next few days.

You may not be able to buy your Showbag amongst the hustle and bustle and sheer excitement of the Showbag Pavilion, but all those amazing Charlesworth flavours that you love so much will still be as fresh and satisfying for your soul as they always are.

So, if a Charlesworth fix helps you get through, then check out our range here or keep an eye out for our updates in the next few days on how you can still get your sensational Charlesworth Nuts Showbags.

Stay strong folks and take care of each other…and we'll do the same.

– Brett and Kain Charlesworth